From the Field: Deploying a new pH and O2 Sensor!

For 5 days, a research team from Columbia University traveled to Tampa Bay to deploy a suite of oceanographic sensors to collect data in a mangrove site and sea grass site. My partner and I built a fast pH/O2 sensor that was deployed for the first time. As always, field research means making mistakes and correcting them on the fly!

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Twice to Tampa: From the Field Continues!

This year, my partner and I went back to Tampa Bay to deploy our fast pH/O2 sensor. Despite some difficulties, we successfully tested it out on some seagrasses and I expanded my work to include satellite data.

Marine Life in the Azores Islands

In the upcoming month, I'm headed to the Azores Islands of Portugal for a field course. As the marine specialist of the group, I was in charge of gathering information about this incredible ecosystem. Let this be your guide if you're trying to find a place where an unexpected ocean floor feature leads to amazing marine biodiversity.

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